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Running machine for elderly people


Treadmills are often considered a tool for young people, but it is also applicable for the elderly in keeping them healthy and active.

RH Fitness been working hard to make a household treadmill for all people. For elderly users, we have a special design concept:

Because eyesight in older people is not as great as it is in younger people, a clear, easy to read display screen is necessary. Therefore, our display screen is concise and clear, as well as easy to operate and monitor at any point during operations.

Elderly joints and bones are often weaker than in younger people, and cannot withstand the same levels of impact. Because of that, we use a four point suspension system to ensure the running board moves with the body to protect user joints against impact injuries.

Our display screen is equipped with a heart rate monitor, so that users can monitor their heart rate and ensure they remain inside safe levels.

Our treadmill is equipped with a safety emergency stop switch in the event the user needs to stop the treadmill in emergency.

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