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Folding treadmills


Which home treadmill is best suited to my needs? The best things to determine the answer to that are the brand, quality, configuration, and your own experiences. We offer professional cost effective models for both home and professional use.

RH Fitness’ folding treadmill is a fashionable, portable, and extremely cost performance friendly piece of fitness equipment that is suitable for all users. It features an aluminum, weld-free design, and four point suspension shock absorption technology.

One of the characteristics of our folding treadmill is its compact and delicate size. It saves space in both unfolded and folded states. For users with limited space, this is an ideal choice.

The product uses fairly simple lines, with black and gray as the main matching colors, and the wood grain style makes it easy to add it to any household decorative style.

In addition, as a home treadmill with USB interface and high-quality speakers, it is easy to enjoy high quality audio. The treadmill is also equipped with a 1HP continue power motor, four-point suspension damping system and ultra-wide running belt, all to ensure a comfortable running experience.

The treadmill is small, and the handrails can be folded down to lay flat next to the running deck without increasing the volume. It can be placed next to a wall, thus saving maximum space.

Our folding treadmill is very concise, and compared to a traditional treadmill, it is smaller, and lighter, making it suitable for small households. The folded product covers an area of less than 0.2 square meters, and the one step fold makes it a popular choice.

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