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Model of Hardcore Technology in Home application

1 invention patent, 6 new patents, 3 design patents
80% of the whole machine is made of aluminum alloy, which achieves the target characteristics of light weight, high strength and good flexibility.

AI Speed Control System

Innovative infrared grating technology can also be identified between one finger.
Three-step start-up rules, young children’s foot protection rules, completely prevent unintentional start.

Great Intelligence In Small Body

The running area is 1200*460mm, the maximum thickness is 9cm, and the maximum load is 120kg. It’s never been so easy to exercise at home or in the office. Find out when and where you want.

Full Coverage Cooling System

In the traditional heat dissipation design, a new turbo fan is added, and the ventilation effect during running of the belt is skillfully utilized.
Achieve dual system cooling, full coverage of the upper and lower heat dissipation.

Stereoscopic Suspension System

Highly flexible aluminum body, with 10 custom deformable shock absorbing columns, and equipped with three-layer HDF elastic running board.
Full-body stereo linkage damping, the suspension shock absorption to the extreme.

The Art Of Seamless Articulation

The gap between the fuselage assembly joints is only 0.1mm, which is not as thick as a hair.
High-strength articulation is achieved without the need for screwing.

HIFI Full Surround Stereo

Joint professional acoustics research and development laboratory, fine-tuning the various components of the sound, seeking a combination of optimal solutions.
The use of independent sound cavity structure, effectively solve the shortcomings of small sound bass low power, insufficient penetration.

Integrated Armrest

The exclusive application of a gas spring switch with a variable hydraulic principle allows the armrest to withstand up to 1000 kg of force.
The armrests are equipped with mechanical control buttons and a plain backlight to add elegance to the armrests.