Delicate and Firm
The first all aluminum
alloy treadmill in China

Aluminum alloy is a preferred material for aeronautical and medical equipment for its light weight, good flexibility and high precision.
All aluminum alloy body brings you a feeling of supremeness and a quality life.

Suspension Shock Absorption System

Aluminum profile plus flexible running board combined with rubber to create a unique suspension shock absorption effect.

Fully Foldable

Walking area: 1250*480mm; max. thickness: 9cm; max. weight capacity: 120kg.
It has never been easier to exercise at home or in office. Just find a time and place you want.

Ultimate Style Of Moving Wheels

We design the moving wheels with costs several times higher than ordinary manufacturing technologies, only to make the treadmill portable and a work of art. It is good looking, firm, and able to move transversely and longitudinally.

High Power In Small Body

We design a tension device, normally known as a pinch roller, on the driving belt between the motor and roller. The pinch roller helps improve the driving efficiency of the treadmill. High-speed bearings and tension springs are used to more efficiently utilize the motor power, and thus to ensure sufficient power and reduce energy consumption.

Steady & Quiet

Perfect quietness originates from every details. The anti-skid rubber pad at the bottom is designed to effectively cushion the pressure of the treadmill onto the floor. Combining the well designed relevant components, the treadmill achieves excellent quiet effect. Even if it runs at high speed in no-loading state, the noise can be controlled below 65 decibels.

Humanized Electric Control Design

Safety protection is provided for what you care about. Multiple safety protection strategies protect every user. Real-time statistics of sports information tells you everything you want to know. LED display screen shows all sports parameters.

HIFI Stereo

High-fidelity stereo with exquisite high-penetration stereo sound.